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The Student Immunization Law requires that all students through grade 12 met a minimum number of the required immunizations prior to school entrance. These requirements can be waived only for health, religious, or personal conviction reasons. In the past years, thousands of Wisconsin children caught diseases such as measles, pertussis (whooping cough), and rubella, and many were left with severe disabilities. The Student Immunization Law was passed in order to keep these and other vaccine-preventable diseases from returning and harming the health of our children.

Please review the [ Age/Grade Immunizations ] and note that in addition to the preschool and kindergarten requirements, there is an additional adolescent Tdap booster required for all 6 th graders [ Tdap booster parent information sheet ]. You are encouraged to have your child immunized well in advance of school opening to avoid the late summer rush at immunization clinics. For immunizations, contact your doctor, clinic, HMO, or nearest public health department.

If your child is new to our district, is entering 4K, Kindergarten, or 6 th grade, or has otherwise been behind schedule on his or her immunizations, please send a current Immunization Record to the District Office (located at 301 N. 4 th Street) or to your child's school. You may view your child's immunization record from your computer on the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR). The internet address is . You may submit a printout of this form to the district or you can obtain a copy from your medical provider's office or you can print and fill out the [ Student Immunization Record ].

Medication Policies

In accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction guidelines, the following regulations will be implemented in the administration of prescription and non-prescription medication to students:

Prescription Medication

  1. The parent or guardian should bring the medicine to the school office in the prescription bottle.
  2. A written, dated, and signed form from the physician should be brought with any medicine that is to be administered at school. You may take the [ Prescription Medication Form ] to your physician or if your clinic gives you their version of a “School Medication Form”, that is acceptable as well.

Non-Prescription Medication

  1. The parent or guardian should bring the medicine in the original bottle with written directions regarding the administration of the medicine.
  2. A signed parent consent is required for any non-prescription medications to be administered in school. Please stop in any time to pick up a pink form or print the appropriate over the counter medication form listed below and return completed form to your child's school.
  3. Non-prescription medicine will be dispensed by a designated and trained staff member and will be kept in the Health Office at all times. Students should not store any medicine in their desk, backpack, or classroom.

Under no circumstances should any medication (prescription or non-prescription) be sent to school with a child or on the school bus. A parent/guardian must bring the medication to the office and complete the appropriate forms.

The only medications allowed on a student at any time are those that have a signed physician release to be carried in school for students with emergency medication needs (as may be the case with Epi-pens, inhalers, or emergency seizure and diabetic medications).

[ Red Creek Over-the-Counter Medication Form ]

[ Middle School and High School Over-the-Counter Form ]


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