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         Black River Falls School Board Adopts Referendum Question for the November 3 Ballot

In 2014, voters approved Phase 1 of a long-range plan to improve our school buildings.  That investment funded Red Creek Elementary School and facilities improvements at Black River Falls High School.  

These projects have positively impacted our students and community.  However, there is more work to be done to address additional building infrastructure and educational needs across the District.  In light of the current situation, we explored whether it is the right time to ask our community for this investment.  Through a community-wide survey in June, 63% (see complete survey results here) SURVEY RESULTS of respondents indicated that now is a good time to continue onto Phase 2 of our long-range plan to address:

*District-wide Infrastructure
*Forrest Street Early Learning Center
*Black River Falls High School
The question asks voters for approval to borrow $23,000,000 to address aging and deficient major building systems (plumbing,
electrical, HVAC), to expand and renovate Forrest Street Early Learning Center and to create and
renovate space at Black River Falls High School.

Here is the actual ballot language as it will appear on the November 3 ballot:

Ballot Question
Facilities Master Planning Timeline
The process started in 2014 when the District charged a Community Task Force, a cross-sectional group of community members, to study the needs of the District and to recommend a plan to address the most pressing needs.  In November 2014, the community supported Phase 1 of our facilities master plan.  However, our additional needs throughout the District are not going away.  In early 2020, we started exploring how and when we should continue our long-range plan.

Graphic of Facilities Timeline

The Needs

District-wide Infrastructure Updates
While our schools are well maintained, there are a number of significant building infrastructure projects (e.g., plumbing, HVAC, and electrical) projects that would be impossible to do out of our annual maintenance budget that need to be addressed.

Forrest Street Early Learning Center
Forrest Street was originally built as an open-concept school that lacks dedicated spaces for small-group instruction and Special Education.  Due to space shortages, classroom instruction is occurring in hallways, storage rooms, and former locker rooms.  As a short-term solution to address some capacity issues, the District has rented off-site space for four-year-old kindergarten (4K).

Improvements are needed to:
*Bring space for 4K students back to school
*Provide adequate space for Kindergarten and 1st Grades
*Create separate cafeteria and gym spaces
*Enhance entrance security and customer service
*Create dedicated Special Education Spaces
*Improve building flow and site circulation

Black River Falls High School
While the new Lunda Field House is a beautiful venue for sporting events, physical education classes are still taught at the High School in the Sam Young gymnasium.  Currently, the locker rooms are in the basement and are not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible.  In addition, water infiltration issues in the basement cause air quality and mold concerns.

Current High School band and choir rooms are too small and poorly designed for rehearsals and small group ensembles, as well as lack proper acoustics and adequate storage space.  Other specialized programs, such as Family and Consumer Science, Student Reporting Lab, and our Art classrooms need additional storage space to accommodate interest and enrollment in programs.

Improvements are needed to:
*Solve water/moisture issues in the basement
*Provide functional, ADA-compliant locker rooms
*Add adequate space for band and choir
*Expand area for Family & Consumer Science, Student Reporting Lab, and Art programs
*Expand parking lot

Phase 2:  The Proposed Solution

Infrastructure Graphic

Forrest Street Solution

High School Solution

The Investment:  What does this cost me as a taxpayer?

As a result of careful planning, proactive repayment of the previous debts to reduce interest costs, and current historically low interest rates, the District is able to invest the proposed $23 million without increasing the debt portion of the school property tax rate over the current level.
The Investment

Mark your calendar - You're invited

Voting Information

Visit to learn more about your three voting options:

*Request an absentee ballot
*Vote in-person starting October 20, at your municipal office
*Vote at the polls on November 3

For more information, reach out to your municipal clerk:

Town of Adams
Dale Ann Bohac, Town Clerk

Town of Albion
Joan Hanson, Town Clerk

Town of Alma
Don Forsting, Town Clerk

Town of Brockway
Jann Dahl, Town Clerk/Treasurer

Town of Curran
Michelle Schwenneker, Town Clerk

Town of Franklin
Bree Lien, Town Clerk

Town of Garden Valley
Kathy Leis, Town Clerk

Town of Hixton
Ruth Casper, Town Clerk

Town of Irving
Paula Proft, Town Clerk

Town of Knapp
Dawn Linder, Town Clerk

Town of Komensky
Alina Limberg, Town Clerk

Town of Manchester
Jacquelynn Hanson, Town Clerk

Town of Millston
Dawn Wojtyla, Town Clerk

Town of Northfield
Sharon Severson, Town Clerk

Town of Springfield
Susan Waldera, Town Clerk

Village of Hixton
Laurie Mueller, Village Clerk/Treasurer

City of Black River Falls
Rhonda Ammann, Deputy Clerk

Town of New Lyme
Lisa Green, Town Clerk

Town of Dewhurst
Helen Bohac, Town Clerk


Wednesday, September 30  -
Meeting Link

Tuesday, October 20  - Meeting Link

The Referendum Fact Sheet is a great resource to see all of the details of the projects that are included in the proposed project.  It provides a great amount of rationale, some great visuals, and information on the costing.  


As always, if you have any questions about this project, or anything else within the District, please don't hesitate to ask!

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