Business and Community

The School District of Black River Falls looks to partner with businesses and the larger community in multiple ways. These ways include learning, relevance, career experiences, and growing our local workforce. The District collaborates with many businesses through our Business partnership Advisory Committee on how best to address these areas. 

Learning: These partnerships open new doors of learning for our students. The School District of Black River Falls has many solid partnerships that provide direct learning to our students through Business and Community members coming in or our students going out to learn in the workplace. These partnerships include but are not limited to: guest speakers, job shadows, career fair presenters, work-based learning placements, field trip opportunities, mini-course presentations, family night presentations, class specific activities and presentation, mock interviews, parent support presentations, and many more. We continually look to grow more of these opportunities to make learning engaging and meaningful for students. 

Relevance: When students engage with people in their local community with learning and hands-on experiences, this greatly increases the relevance for them. The learning is made real and tied to people and places they experience on a regular basis. As an added bonus, there is a scientific connection of better learning when relevance is increased. Relevant, meaningful activities that both engage students emotionally and connect with what they already know helps build neural connections and long-term memory storage, not to mention creating a compelling classroom and stronger learning community). The SD of BRF continues to grow partnerships to increase relevance in learning for our students.

Career Experiences: As a district, we are committed to coordinating and providing hands-on experiences in career fields for students during their K-12 Education. These experiences include but are not limited to: job shadows, work-based learning placements, mentoring, youth apprenticeships, field trips, partnership projects through courses, and others. As part of our work with ACP, we want students to gain some level of exposure in the career field in which they are interested. By engaging with their desired career field first hand, students are being assisted in helping them decide if this is truly a path to continue pursuing. Often, these experiences can ignite passion in students and help sustain them through the work it takes to "get to" this career, increasing student engagement and ownership through the relevance gained. In the field, students are also able to develop critical "soft skills" that are highly valued in future career placements. We are committed to continue to grow our partnerships as we can provide increasingly diverse connections for students to get as close to their specific career interest as possible.

Growing our Local Workforce: The School District of Black River Falls is a partner with the broader community in growing our local workforce to grow our local economy. Educating our students to be ready for college, career and life after high school is vital to the continued growth of our community. Through continued partnerships with the business community, we increase our understanding of needs in the field to provide those learning connections within our courses and curriculum. Our district continues to grow these partnerships through our involvement with individual businesses and larger collaborations with the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Black River Falls, 7 River Alliance, Department of Workforce Development, and many more.  
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