January 19

Black River Falls

January 19, 2004

Meeting # 9


Board Members Present: Lois Corey, Mike Johnson, Barb Mackenzie, Jeff Pugh, Barb Sedelbauer

Board Members Absent: Don Mathews

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Pugh at 7:00 p.m.

Notices of the meeting were delivered to the Banner Journal, WWIS Radio Station and Melrose Chronicle and posted in three (3) public places on January 15, 2004.

Meeting commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Supporting Players group of students, directed by Deb Horan, performed a couple of skits at the meeting. They perform various skits at the elementary and middle school levels to teach students good morals.

Bruce Hatlan addressed the board with a concern about special education students and the way in which IEP's are handled.

Rae Anna Garcia also expressed concern about special education students.

Roger Kauffman addressed the board in regard to how many searches have been done with the drug dog so far this year. Dr. Richards stated that one search was conducted outside the high school in the parking lot and one search inside the middle school. No drugs were found.

Lois Corey requested that the fund raiser item be removed from the consent agenda.

Mike Johnson moved to approve the consent agenda items with the fund raiser removed from the consent agenda. Lois Corey seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Lois Corey expressed concern with the fund raiser activity. She stated that she would like to see more service type activities rather than items being sold by the students. She also would like more information in regard to the activities that would be funded from the fund raiser.

Barb Mackenzie moved to approve the fund raiser activity. Barb Sedelbauer seconded the motion. Motion carried on a 4-1 vote with Lois Corey casting the negative vote.

Discussion was held on the WASB Convention Resolutions. Jeff Pugh was asked to use his own discretion in regard to the resolutions.

Mike Johnson moved to approve the following Board Policies as presented and the removal of policy # 423 Non-Resident Alien Students:

#345.31 Grade Advancement

#351.1 Summer Camps

#453.1 Emergency Nursing

#453.3 Student Immunizations

#453.5 Student Physical Examinations

#455.1 Supervision of Students

Barb Mackenzie seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Discussion was held on the police liaison officer position. The board would like to know what other options are available, i.e. security guard, etc. They would also like more information on the type of calls the police have been called for. It was suggested that the police liaison officer position be added to the list of requested services, programs, and staffing for the 2004-05 school year so it can be evaluated with the other requests for next year. Action on the position was tabled until discussion begins on the 2004-05 school budget in March.

The consensus of the board was to advertise the board member vacancy and to interview interested candidates. The board would like to have a new member seated on the board by the regular meeting in February.

Jill Collins presented an overview of the 2004-05 Capital Maintenance Projects. The projects were discussed and approved by the Business Services committee at their meeting this month.

Mike Johnson moved to approve the 2004-05 Capital Maintenance Projects as presented. Lois Corey seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Mike Johnson moved to change the board meeting start time to 6:00 p.m. beginning with the February 16, 2004 meeting. Lois Corey seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dr. Richards reported that the 2nd Annual Reality Day would be held on February 4th at the high school. The STAAR Program is up and running at the middle school with positive feedback from students, staff and parents. The Regional Art show will be held at the Black River Falls Public Library starting on Tuesday and running through Thursday, January 29. Patty Harelson, District Reading Specialist and Title I Coordinator, has been appointed to the Committee of Practitioners advising the Department of Public Instruction on Title I issues. The STEP (Senior Tax Exchange Program) will be starting soon in the district.

Discussion was held on Board Assessment procedures. Barb Sedelbauer moved to appoint an ad hoc committee to revamp the board assessment documents. Lois Corey seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-1 with Barb Mackenzie casting the negative vote.

Lois Corey and Barb Sedelbauer volunteered to be on the ad hoc committee. Don Mathews was appointed to the committee.

WASB report - The WASB State Convention will be held January 20-23, 2004. Barb Mackenzie and Jeff Pugh plan to attend along with Dennis Richards and Jill Collins. There are several other WASB seminars available in the near future including an Effective Bargaining Seminar. If anyone is interested in attending, please contact Barb Prochaska at the district office.

Board Policy Committee - The following policy revision was submitted to the board for the 1st reading:

#443.6 - Student use of Cell Phones, Pagers, Other Two-Way Communication Devices and Laser Pointers.

This policy will be presented at the February meeting for final approval.

Barb Sedelbauer reported on the other topics that were discussed at the policy committee meeting including the new laws related to access to public records and a change in the photo copy fee from ten cents to twenty-five cents per page.

Jill Collins reported on the topics discussed at the business services committee meeting including the Capital Maintenance Projects and an update from Brad Simonson, HSR Associates, on the status of the elevator project at the district office.

Future agenda items:

Special Education Compliance Concerns

Liaison Officer Position

Core Agenda Items

Mike Johnson moved to adjourn to executive session under Wis. Statutes 19.85 (1)(c) & (e) to discuss administrative performance evaluation data and to deliberate concerning negotiations with the city for the renewal of the Lunda Center contract at 9:00 p.m. Barb Mackenzie seconded the motion.

Ayes: Lois Corey, Mike Johnson, Barb Mackenzie, Jeff Pugh, Barb Sedelbauer

Nays: None

Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned to executive session.

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